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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Day 1 – Hep C treatment

So my first full day… To view what led up to today see: T – 1 T – 0 DAY 1 So I was up late last night sending out emails. So I didn’t make it to bed till 3 am. That is actually more normal than I would like to admit… But when I … Continue reading »

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T-0 – Hepatitis C treatment

So today I started… I went into the doctors office and they drew 16 vials of blood and did an ECG. Then they had me do the injection and take three pills of various meds. I am to take 3 pills in the morning and three at night. Basically 12 hours apart. The injection I … Continue reading »

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T-1 – Hep C treatment

Tomorrow I go in for my initial baseline appointment. I am probably going to have to be a bit vague with details since I am in a clinical trial. But the bottom line is I have had Hepatitis C since I was a child. Now more than thirty years later I am finally going through … Continue reading »

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