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Author Archives: StanHoryza

Swimming With St. John Episode 1

Our first podcast:

Question Of Faith – Why do we have to confess before communion? Does it have to be to a priest?
Interview – Fr. Brendan McGuire
Finding Faith (Where did we find God this week)
Gospel Reading – Geoffe Elias – 22nd Sunday of Ordinary time (Year C) – Luke 14:1 7-4
Gospel Discussion
Contact info (all of this info is outdated and no longer available)
Sign off
Song – Robbie Ocampo – For You Make All Things New Continue reading »

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Trippin for God in San Antonio day 1

So I have been asked to attend the National Conference of Catholic Youth Ministry. How it happened I am just amazed and thankful. The conference actually starts tomorrow but I was sent to some pre-conference meetings today and I am already spinning with ideas. But most of all I got to hang out with some … Continue reading »

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Divorce, Communion and Obedience

There is joy in being a divorced Catholic. I bet that sounds strange to many ok most of you, but it is true. But the true joy I have found is in obedience in my faith to not receive the Blessed Sacrament of Communion.

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I am a sinner… and I got called out…

I have recently started a new job as The Ministry Director for the San Jose State Newman Center. So far my time there has been very joyous. I have been attending mass there and working with the young adults. But today I got called out…

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Every hand is a winner and every hand is a looser

Tonight I was talking about my childhood philosophy with my daughter.  My philosophy is that life is just a game of cards.

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Life and it’s turns.

I have been married for just over 16 years now. And now it seems that part of my life is coming to a close. Being Catholic I really struggle with the worldly views of marriage and the Marriage of my faith.

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Made it through treatment

So I did make it through treatment. It was quite the challenge but all ended well.  I am not sure how much I can share since it was a clinical trial…  But so far it seems to have been a success. 

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Day 1 – Hep C treatment

So my first full day… To view what led up to today see: T – 1 T – 0 DAY 1 So I was up late last night sending out emails. So I didn’t make it to bed till 3 am. That is actually more normal than I would like to admit… But when I … Continue reading »

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T-0 – Hepatitis C treatment

So today I started… I went into the doctors office and they drew 16 vials of blood and did an ECG. Then they had me do the injection and take three pills of various meds. I am to take 3 pills in the morning and three at night. Basically 12 hours apart. The injection I … Continue reading »

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T-1 – Hep C treatment

Tomorrow I go in for my initial baseline appointment. I am probably going to have to be a bit vague with details since I am in a clinical trial. But the bottom line is I have had Hepatitis C since I was a child. Now more than thirty years later I am finally going through … Continue reading »

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