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Service Dog Licensing at San Jose Animal Care Center

So Today I went down to the San Jose Animal Care Center to license Arya. She has been doing so well lately and after a discussion with my doctor and my mentor with a service dog I decided it was time to take the next step.

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Service dog – I want one / where do I get one / Can I train one myself?

Service Dogs-let me share with you what I have learned over the past few months. I won’t go too much into why I need a service dog in this post, for that look to my posts regarding hemophilia and being disabled. However, I hope to help you or someone you may know decide if they … Continue reading »

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Is my dog a Service Dog? What are the types of dogs? (working, therapy, service…)

So you want a service dog? Well I know I do… why wouldn’t you want one? But before we get to that lets talk about what types of dogs are there. Not breeds but types, or classifications…. And then what makes a Service Dog so special? Continue reading »

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To tell the story of Arya, I need to first tell you a little about Nanuk.

Nanuk, was my first Siberian Husky. We got him as a puppy in August of 1998. He was about three months old. We like most people fell in love with the blue eyes and the ball of fur. Continue reading »

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5 Reasons Earthquake is better than Hurricane

So with the recent hurricane Sandy I got thinking about life here in California and why earthquakes are so much better. So here are five reasons Earthquakes are better than Hurricanes. Continue reading »

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Husky – What you need to know

I currently have a Siberian Husky named Arya. I am currently training her as a Service Dog for myself. She is my second Siberian Husky. Someday I will tell you more about Nanuk who lived 14 years with me and my family. But if you have gotten to here… you love Huskies or are interested … Continue reading »

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Welcome to Horyza on the Go

Welcome to Horyza on the Go. Here you will find my thoughts on: Life Living With Hemophilia A Training a service dog Owning a dog in the San Jose/San Francisco Bay Area Siberan Huskies Fluky (Random Thoughts) Religion (Mostly Catholic – It’s what I am)

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