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Bay Area Dog

Bay Area Dog

Morgan Hill Dog Park

Well like many of my reviews if you live close to this park its what you have. And I find dog parks are a great place to make friends with other people who like dogs in your neighborhood. However, to me this is not a destination Park. I would not travel more than 10 or 15 minutes out of my way to visit this park. But if I’m in the area again I would bring Arya here. It is far from the worst dog park I have ever been to. And actually I would put it on the middle top end of dog parks that we have been to. Continue reading »

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Reed St Dog Park Santa Clara

Reed St. Dog Park Santa Clara California This is a deceivingly large dog park. It is very near the intersection of El Camino Real and Layfayette Street. It is roughly six blocks north at the corner of Layfayette and Reed Streets. I have passed this a few times and said to myself, “I should check out that small … Continue reading »

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Watson (dog) park

Clean (No=0,eh=1,yes=3): 1
Safe: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Room to run: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Easy to access: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):1
Water for dogs to drink: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):1
Play equipment/agility: (No=0,yes=2): 0
Big dog/small dog areas: (No=0,yes=2):2
Seating for owners: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Entry to the dog area: (open:0,single gate:1,dual gate:2 dual gate with observation area:3):2
Bonus points: Mud is a major issue -2
*All parks have good dogs and bad dogs I do not rate the population. Always be ready for any dog at any park.

Score = 14/25 (56%)
Ground: Grass/Dirt Continue reading »

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Milpitas Dog Park

The Milpitas Dog Park is the nearest ‘free’ dog park near my house in Milpitas. So this is a go to park for me. I cant say it is Arya’s favorite place to go but it is up there.

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To tell the story of Arya, I need to first tell you a little about Nanuk.

Nanuk, was my first Siberian Husky. We got him as a puppy in August of 1998. He was about three months old. We like most people fell in love with the blue eyes and the ball of fur. Continue reading »

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