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Something new

I cant wait to show you around my new world…. Continue reading »

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Every hand is a winner and every hand is a looser

Tonight I was talking about my childhood philosophy with my daughter.  My philosophy is that life is just a game of cards.

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My Sodastream makes dog treats!

My Sodastream makes dog treats! Every time I use my Sodastream my dog comes running. No Joke,

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A Hero Story No More? Yet…

I like sharing my “Hero Story”. In my life I have had many hero stories. I believe that life, in general, is a challenge and some have had to face that challenge daily. Living with a disability is a heroic journey and sharing that journey helps others in their journeys. Continue reading »

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5 Reasons Earthquake is better than Hurricane

So with the recent hurricane Sandy I got thinking about life here in California and why earthquakes are so much better. So here are five reasons Earthquakes are better than Hurricanes. Continue reading »

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