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Day 1 – Hep C treatment

Posted by on March 6, 2014

So my first full day…
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So I was up late last night sending out emails. So I didn’t make it to bed till 3 am. That is actually more normal than I would like to admit… But when I woke this morning my stomach was in bad shape. But I pushed through and by 9 am when I was eating and taking my meds it had mostly calmed. That odd smell remained through the morning but I don’t notice it any more. But my body was sore. It did make it hard to focus. I also have been really hot most of the day but about lunch time I was so cold and just couldn’t get warm. Fortunately it was a bit of a slow day and I was able to take a nap at lunch. I really didn’t eat much at one time today but it seemed like I was snacking throughout the day. Being a Catholic and today was ash Wednesday I struggled a little with the guilt, but if I recall there is a loophole for the sick, and I would call this sick. I did make it to mass at 7 pm at St. John’s and did what I could to help the servers for the last time. I know it was not just the drugs but I had a hard time fighting back the emotions. I love working with the kids but I just can’t do it anymore. For dinner I had two tacos from taco bell and my meds at 9pm.  They did ok going in and staying down but we won’t discuss going out. I am just very tired and emotional. But it is hard to really gauge how much of that is the drugs or the other stresses that are going on in my life right now… But so far I am still able to laugh. Oh I did take factor early in the morning. I am going to treat every other day for a while to keep those issues away. Either way day one is down 179 to go…