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5 Reasons Earthquake is better than Hurricane

Posted by on October 30, 2012

So with the recent hurricane Sandy I got thinking about life here in California and why earthquakes are so much better. So here are five reasons Earthquakes are better than Hurricanes.

My parents landed in LaGuardia Airport about an hour before it was shut down for Hurricane Sandy’s attack on the east coast. The east coast has been preparing for this for days now. Tracking it. Following it. Talking about it. And guess what? It arrived and did a lot of damage. Then the talk began on what needs to be done to fix it.

1) If you know it is coming you have to wait.
“Are we there yet?”
Seriously, if you see a something is coming get ready for it… If you don’t its your own fault… But sitting there “watching” it come at you for days and knowing it will get to you whenever it is ready is excruciating. Days of questions, worrying and waiting. But with an earthquake… Surprise! It’s here… Oh you weren’t ready… well you didn’t know it was coming

2) It keeps going and going and going…
So Sandy has been going for a day now and will probably be still causing problems in other towns and cities for a few mores days to come. Earthquake… 30 seconds… maybe 90… and were done. Sure there are sometimes aftershocks that may also arrive. or not.. who knows… but either way… zip zoom were done. now clean up..

3) Weather is so big!
Sandy was about 1000 MILES across. Now I know not all Hurricanes are this big but not all Earthquakes destroy a city either… I was in the Bay Area for the “Great Quake of ’89” and yes it did affect the whole bay area. But not the entire state or the entire eastern seaboard!

4) Epicenter and outlying area’s or eye and rain shield.
Earthquake has the epicenter… that is the BAD spot. It doesn’t go anywhere… It is right there see it on the map… the shaking moves out from there and gets weaker. It doesn’t move around. It may be a  6.9 right there at the dot.. but wen you get to Fresno it is like.. “Did you fart? ’cause I think I felt the couch move. No? Oh well.”

Hurricane… Well guess what… It’s coming for you. It moves… The worst part is the outside… in fact the middle the “EYE” is the easiest part of the storm.. that is where nothing is happening! Yea right there in the middle of all that nothing is happening… So you sitting there getting pounded by rain, hail, and who knows what else… while your buddy two towns over gets a break for an hour or two while the eye moves over him. But you no… your 3 days of prep and still not being ready are sitting there in the dark because of the black out, waiting for another day or two for it to be over.

5) OK its done now what?
Hurricane you have weeks of clean up… and guess what with all that rain… It’s all wet.. Oh and did I mention it is cold… yea rain and snow… it is all cold… that does not help while you are cleaning it up… in my book that makes it much worse.

Earthquake yea could still be weeks of clean up… but rain is not a given.. there is a good chance it will be nice and warm and dry… and you will have area’s of damage. But it is a building or two here or a block there.. not this city and that city. Given in other parts of the world it could be an entire city, but a hurricane in those parts of the world would not even leave a city behind.

Both you could have fires, destroyed buildings, power outages, and road closures. But the rain and flooding factor cuts off rescue workers much more than a bump in a road or a crack in the ground that the need to reroute traffic one block around.

6) Earthquakes ROCK, Hurricanes BLOW!

OK six is a lame argument but that is why it is 5 reasons…

So weather (see what I did there) you live in Earthquake or Hurricane zones… Get ready… the most important of each is that you are ready for what is to come. So here is a link to what should be in your kit, so you can be ready!

One Response to 5 Reasons Earthquake is better than Hurricane

  1. Lucy

    Thanks Stanley. It was an enjoyable read and makes you think too. I am no more prepared for the next quake than I was in 1989!! and Ken was a firefighter! Go figure.