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Milpitas Dog Park

Posted by on November 12, 2012

The Milpitas Dog Park is the nearest ‘free’ dog park near my house in Milpitas. So this is a go to park for me. I cant say it is Arya’s favorite place to go but it is up there.

Clean (No=0,eh=1,yes=3): 3
Safe: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):1
Room to run: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Easy to access: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):1
Water for dogs to drink: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Play equipment/agility: (No=0,yes=2): 0
Big dog/small dog areas: (No=0,yes=2):2
Seating for owners: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Entry to the dog area: (open:0,single gate:1,dual gate:2 dual gate with observation area:3):3
Bonus points: near hiking trails and a lake:1
*All parks have good dogs and bad dogs I do not rate the population. Always be ready for any dog at any park.

Possible 20/25
4/5 stars

Ground: Grass, fine gravel.

I like this park. But it does have some things to be aware of.

-Rattle snakes – this is the official sign at the park. And yes I have come across rattlers at this park, as have others. The locals do not worry much about it. So far I have yet to hear of a dog bitten. What the locals do is if there is another dog in the park they ask how long that they have been there and if they have been around the whole area. If they have been there a while or the dogs have been around the park then the locals don’t worry much. If not they walk to the top of the park and around. If they hear a sound like the sprinklers are coming on it is time to go… but it is not very common to have a rattler in the park. If I were to use the stories and my experiences I would say it only happens about a handful of times a year that the snakes come in here to sun. Something to be aware of but not worried about.


-Muddy- so this park has natural grass (not astro turf like some parks) and. Dirt and mud are to be expected… but the water fountain on the big dog side does not drain well and drains into the dirt. This creates a small stream down hill into the small dog park. Well for me Arya loves to play in water. So she ALWAYS digs in the mud. We always go home with muddy paws… now not all dogs do this but something to be aware of.

-Ground Squirrels- most of these little creatures have found a home just on the other side of the fence from the large dog side. They just love to taunt my dog who would love to play with them… big downfall for me as I have to watch my service dog closely. There is a fine line for a service dog between play and danger to other animals. She so far has only shown playfulness… but too much temptation with what at time looks like taunting by the squirrels could become a danger. So far I have not heard of a dog getting a squirrel at the park but oh boy are they interested in them.

-Park fee- So this to me is the biggest set back for this park. You have to pay to get into the park that the dog park is in. Currently that is $6 to everyone except disabled who are free. You can get a yearly pass to all Santa Clara county parks for $80 (just over the cost of 13 visits). So if you plan on coming here more than once a month and are not disabled with a placard for you car than the $80 makes sense. I go here alot because it is free to me and is close but to be honest I don’t know if I would pay the $80. I do understand with all the budget cuts and it does take money to maintain the park. But if you drive a few miles in either direction there is a free dog park. But it is also not the most expensive dog park in the area. Just something to consider.


  • view– OH WOW this is so far the best park to enjoy nature at a dog park. The hills are amazing and change colors through the year. Horses come by, as do deer and a myriad of birds. Also, when it is right for it you have hang gliders launching and landing near by. You can put the leash back on and walk around the lake. Below the lakes dam there is a nice childrens park. This has always been one of my favorite escapes from the valley floor, and it is nice to share it with my whole family.
  • bathrooms– sounds odd… but sometimes people have to go too… there are bathrooms in the park but it is a good clip across a parking lot and a field to get to it. But for a park restroom it is fairly well maintained. There is another restroom below the dam (much further away) across the parking lot from the kids play area.


  • Viewing area – This is something you don’t see to much. This park has a fenced of area where people can sit and watch the dogs where no dogs are allowed. I don’t quite know what to make of this… I like that it is here… but still I feel a little mixed on it… If you go to a dog park why would you want an area inside the park where you can go where dogs can’t? Why not just exit the park. So you go through one gate where it spits to three gates. And one for you without your dog… But if you have a child that is scared of dogs. This could be a great idea. You could go to the dog park and have an area you can visit where the scared child is safe from the dogs. So I will put this in the plus side for those who want to go to a dog park but are scared of dogs.
  • Entrance – So I stared to telly you about this in the last bullet. You enter through the first gate to the park. An you have the option to go left to the Big Dog park, straight and a little left to enter the no dog area, and right to the Small Dog area.  I like this gate system. It is simple one gate in one gate out of each park. There is a meeting/post board in this area as well as the rules. A sign suggests the limit of size dog can go to the small dog area. Now I have seen many small dogs in the big dog area. But only once when there was a snake scare did all the sized dogs go to the small dog area.
  • Seating –  There are quite a few benches in the big dog side. One on the left as you enter, one on the right, two further up on the right and two under the pergola up on the hill. On the small dog park side there are not as many, I know there is one on the right as you enter, there is one more around to the left and maybe another further in. I am not sure since I don’t spend much time on that side. I do know that at least one regular visitor bring their own chair.
  • Cleanup – There are usually bags at the pickup stand to clean up after your dog and there are also trash cans with scoops spread around. The park is also mowed and cleaned once a week by the staff. So it stays fairly clean.
  • Size – Overall this is a large park. I am not good with estimating size but it is a good walk to the top or back side and it is quite wide toward the back. So there is a lot of room to run.

Here are a few more pictures:

Panoramic of the area

View of the big dog area


Small dog entrance


Small dog area




Arya running

Final judgement:

This is one of my favorite places to bring Arya and let her off leash. Even though she is a service dog I still don’t trust her 100% off leash in “public” so it is nice to get her out and this is out default spot. She is OK with it. I can’t say it is her favorite spot but so far of the places I have brought her it is up there on her list. She does not go to the back of the park much unless there is a squirrel taunting her. Instead she is at the gate greeting everyone or hanging out by the benches on the right where I sit and talk with the other Humans. So if you don’t mind the cost this is a park to visit. If you want a good place to go with your boyfriend/girlfriend and dog this is a good place. If you want to pick-nick with the whole family this is a good park and bring you dog over here for some off leash time. Over all this is a good park to visit.


Exit 680 or 880 and go East
You will go up the hill after Piedmont road.
Make the first Left you come to it is about a mile up.
keep going straight into the park.
There is a toll booth.
Past the toll booth just stay Left and follow the road around the lake.
Just before the road becomes gated the park will be on your right.