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Morgan Hill Dog Park

Morgan Hill Dog park
Posted by on September 1, 2013

Morgan Hill Dog Park
Morgan Hill California
Morgan Hill Dog park

My family decided we wanted to visit a part in Morgan Hill today and so we stopped at the Morgan Hill Central Park. Contained within the spark is the Morgan Hill dog park. So I figured I would give it a review.

Clean (No=0,eh=1,yes=3): 3
Safe: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Room to run: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Easy to access: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Water for dogs to drink: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):1
Play equipment/agility: (No=0,yes=2): 0
Big dog/small dog areas: (No=0,yes=2):2
Seating for owners: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Entry to the dog area: (open:0,single gate:1,dual gate:2 dual gate with observation area:3):2
Bonus points: There is alot of room for the big dogs to run +1;there is only one area with a faucet for water -1; the locals have compensated with buckets through the park. +1; unique dog memorals on the fence. +1
*All parks have good dogs and bad dogs I do not rate the population. Always be ready for any dog at any park.

Score = 22/25 (88%) unexpected bonuses out weigh any negatives.
Ground: Dirt/grass

On its own this parks only stand out feature is the size of the large dog area. Beyond that there are a lot of trees and benches to sit on which are positive. There is a significant lack of places for the dogs to drink water built into the park. In fact without the ingenuity of the local residents there would not be really any place for the dogs to drink. There is one spot near the entrance of both the small dog and large dog sides. This one spot on either side consists of 2 faucets that spray water downward to a concrete slab with drainage. The residence have provided buckets that can be filled at this location and carried throughout the park. The residents of also provided a few kiddie pools for the dogs to play in. my opinion on the pools is mixed. most days I would prefer if Arya did not get wet. However today it was very warm and I brought towels so it worked out okay. as for the water situation this is something that I have yet to truly see a dog park do well. However I’ve seen a lot of dog parks do it poorly. And I would put this dog park into that category.

There was one feature this dog park that I have never seen before. And that was a memorial on the fence. I don’t know if, but I would expect that, the people who donated these plaques or signs paid some money for the park itself but either way the sign some cells were very cute. Many of them were in memory of dogs that have passed away hope one was even in memory of a cat and I thought that was very funny. I think this is a great idea and many other parts should pick up on this as I would donate A Memorial for my last dog.

Final Judgement:

Well like many of my reviews if you live close to this park its what you have. And I find dog parks are a great place to make friends with other people who like dogs in your neighborhood. However, to me this is not a destination Park. I would not travel more than 10 or 15 minutes out of my way to visit this park. But if I’m in the area again I would bring Arya here. It is far from the worst dog park I have ever been to. And actually I would put it on the middle top end of dog parks that we have been to.

Video I took at the park