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My life as a podcaster

Posted by on November 10, 2012

I have been podcasting since 2010 and I just love it. I believe that this type of technology will change how we do things in the future. It is funny because many people I talk to think it is a fad that has passed. But I don’t think so.

I started podcasting because I needed to reach people who were not coming to me. Yep I am an attention seeker… seriously I was the youth and young adult director for my local Catholic church. I was finding that alot of the young adults, 18-39 year olds were not attending regularly. So many times I would talk to them and they would say that they are spiritual but the can’t find their place in religion. Or just could not fit it into their schedule. Well I figured out that if they don’t have the time to come to me I would find the time to go to them. Well this quickly became difficult. I would meet them after work, go out to dinners or lunches, or just hang out. But there are so many of them and only one of me so I could not see everyone enough. So the concept of podcasting came to me. Yes it is mostly a one sided conversation. But I found a style that I liked where a group of friends gathered and had discussions. Hopefully, in this discussion one of us would be the voice for the person listening.

It turned out well and those that took part had a great time doing it. However, I had to make the hard decision to step down from my position because of burn out and my medical issues. So we ended our main podcast after 52 episodes, with nearly 40 other podcasts that were just on Gospels or current events.

As it was ending the director for youth and young adults had asked if I would help him launch a podcast directed to youth leaders and their teams. So we began a new show with me now as not the host but one of the four personalities.

We now are more than a year along and had recorded nearly 40 shows. This show we record two a month where my last show we would do one a week at minimum but sometimes a few in one sitting each week.

Now, the problem is that even though I was in youth ministry for a few years it now has been more than a year since I left the ministry. It is getting harder to relate my experiences because I am no longer living the ministry. We also have another problem, we are growing. We want to expand what we offer and also do better at tracking our reach. So the need has arisen for a producer. So for now I am beginning to chang my roles from active speaker and co-host to technical support and management.