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My Sodastream makes dog treats!

Posted by on March 6, 2013


My Sodastream makes dog treats!

Every time I use my Sodastream my dog comes running. No Joke,

she does.

You see when I was given a Sodastream for Christmas my dog was so afraid of it. The loud buzzing and hissing noises it makes, were just to much for her. So I thought about it and I tried to think how can I get her to not be so afraid of it. So I got some of her favorite treats Milk Bones’ and put them on the counter and called her over. As I gave he one I pushed the button. Then I gave her another one as I pushed the button. I kept doing this till I took the bottle off and after the hiss I gave her another Milk Bone. This went on for about a week every time I used the Sodastream. Now all I have to do is push the button while making a soda and no matter where she is she comes running to get the Milk Bone that the Sodastream made. At least that is what she thinks this thing does. I am sure Pavlov would be proud. Not only did I replace his bell with a buzz but I get a soda too…

Sorry to anyone that actually wanted a Sodastream dog treat recipe… that was just a hook… BUZZZ