Swimming With St. John Episode 1

In 2010 to 2011 There was a weekly podcast called “Swimming With St. John”. I was the main host of the show and I have been asked many times where can these recordings be found since we stopped recording in 2011. I have decided to post them one a day starting with the feast of St John. I hope you enjoy them… if you do feel free to comment below, if not, then don’t bother…


This was our first episode.
Sound quality was horrible… but we were just starting… this was recorded in our church. Later we moved to a smaller recording space

Hosting this podcast:
Stanley Horyza
Judith Williams
Althea Corpuz (Alley Cat)


  • Intros
  • Question Of Faith – Why do we have to confess before communion? Does it have to be to a priest?
  • Interview – Fr. Brendan McGuire
  • Finding Faith (Where did we find God this week)
  • Gospel Reading — 22nd Sunday of Ordinary time (Year C) – Luke 14:1 7-4
  • Gospel Discussion
  • Contact info (all of this info is outdated and no longer available)
  • Sign off
  • Song – Robbie Ocampo – For You Make All Things New
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Trippin for God in San Antonio day 1

So I have been asked to attend the National Conference of Catholic Youth Ministry. How it happened I am just amazed and thankful. The conference actually starts tomorrow but I was sent to some pre-conference meetings today and I am already spinning with ideas. But most of all I got to hang out with some great Catholic guys and just be goofy. We all need ballance in our lives and I have been lacking in the laughter department lately. But right now my face hurts from the workout.

Also,  earlier in the day I also saw the man who helped me lead my group through world youth day 2011.  Such a flood of emotion that brought back. I was almost overwhelmed. But this is just day one. So have a few more to go but I will leave you with this…


And this


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Divorce, Communion and Obedience

There is joy in being a divorced Catholic. I bet that sounds strange to many ok most of you, but it is true. But the true joy I have found is in obedience in my faith to not receive the Blessed Sacrament of Communion.
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I am a sinner… and I got called out…

I have recently started a new job as The Ministry Director for the San Jose State Newman Center. So far my time there has been very joyous. I have been attending mass there and working with the young adults. But today I got called out… Read more »

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Every hand is a winner and every hand is a looser


Every hand's a winner

Tonight I was talking about my childhood philosophy with my daughter.  My philosophy is that life is just a game of cards.
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Life and it’s turns.


I have been married for just over 16 years now. And now it seems that part of my life is coming to a close. Being Catholic I really struggle with the worldly views of marriage and the Marriage of my faith.

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Made it through treatment


So I did make it through treatment. It was quite the challenge but all ended well.  I am not sure how much I can share since it was a clinical trial…  But so far it seems to have been a success. 

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Day 1 – Hep C treatment

So my first full day…
To view what led up to today see:
T – 1
T – 0


So I was up late last night sending out emails. So I didn’t make it to bed till 3 am. That is actually more normal than I would like to admit… But when I woke this morning my stomach was in bad shape. But I pushed through and by 9 am when I was eating and taking my meds it had mostly calmed. That odd smell remained through the morning but I don’t notice it any more. But my body was sore. It did make it hard to focus. I also have been really hot most of the day but about lunch time I was so cold and just couldn’t get warm. Fortunately it was a bit of a slow day and I was able to take a nap at lunch. I really didn’t eat much at one time today but it seemed like I was snacking throughout the day. Being a Catholic and today was ash Wednesday I struggled a little with the guilt, but if I recall there is a loophole for the sick, and I would call this sick. I did make it to mass at 7 pm at St. John’s and did what I could to help the servers for the last time. I know it was not just the drugs but I had a hard time fighting back the emotions. I love working with the kids but I just can’t do it anymore. For dinner I had two tacos from taco bell and my meds at 9pm.  They did ok going in and staying down but we won’t discuss going out. I am just very tired and emotional. But it is hard to really gauge how much of that is the drugs or the other stresses that are going on in my life right now… But so far I am still able to laugh. Oh I did take factor early in the morning. I am going to treat every other day for a while to keep those issues away. Either way day one is down 179 to go…

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T-0 – Hepatitis C treatment


So today I started…

I went into the doctors office and they drew 16 vials of blood and did an ECG.


Then they had me do the injection and take three pills of various meds. I am to take 3 pills in the morning and three at night. Basically 12 hours apart. The injection I will do on Tuesdays. All these drugs were today a little after 2pm. I didn’t eat yet so after I went to the cafeteria and had a great sandwich. Sourdough bread, pesto sauce, pickled artichoke, roast beaf and ham. Obviously I made it myself. I did also have a coke. Afterwards I got a nice quick message and stopped off and got a haircut. I figured your muscles are sore when you have the flu and the shot gives those side effects so head that off and there is the possibility of my hair falling out so best get it cut before it does.

So far I have taken my evening meds. I have had this strange smell in my nose like candles but I have not showered yet so could be from today. I have been having like hot flashes or feeling like I have a fever. temp is 97.4 per my ear thermometer. My muscles are a little sore and I am quite tired. I did notice I got slightly irritated easier and a welled up when a friend offered to earnestly help. But that is only the first 13 hours… I will call tomorrow 3/5/14 day one as it will complete my first day…

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T-1 – Hep C treatment

Tomorrow I go in for my initial baseline appointment. I am probably going to have to be a bit vague with details since I am in a clinical trial. But the bottom line is I have had Hepatitis C since I was a child. Now more than thirty years later I am finally going through the treatments to wipe out the virus.
Back then I was diagnosed with Non-A/Non-B. At that time they only knew about Hepatitis A that is transmitted by food and Hepatitis B that is transmitted through blood or other body fluids. However the tests at the time were showing Hepatitis but it was not showing up positive for A or B. Since they could not classify it yet they just called it Non-A/Non-B. Later it was classified as C. How creative is that?

So how did I get here?
Well as you may have read I have Hemophilia. I got it unknowingly through infected medications that I was taking for my hemophilia. Back then they had only recently learned how to get a concentrated part of the blood that my body is missing to stop the bleeding. “Unknowingly” there were other things that were in the mix too. Even after these things like hepatitis C and HIV were known the manufacturers resisted the process to filter these out.

Well long story short (too late!) I got lucky no HIV but hello hep C…

Fast forward to 2013 and I have been hassled for years by my hemotologist to go to a liver specialist. I had resisted some since I did in 2011 and I got a total runaround with the doctor and my insurance. But it had been a few years maybe things had changed… so November 2013 in to the liver clinic I go… and guess what… the doc basically said if I don’t get started soon I need to get on a recipient list for a new liver. So that lit a fire… so I said let’s go… so we set a start date of December 20th. I took time off… and… got the run around… some where around January 15th the drugs finally got “approved” but with a $5,000 co-pay each for two of the three drugs. Yes math is $10,000… however I was able to get a break of $4,995. So my co-pay is more a measly $5,005. I have that right here in my pocket… or did I put it in my sock? So the doctor had heard about a clinical trial for my situation. And it looks like I have finally been approved. So I will go in for my baseline appointment today 3/4/14 nearly four months later and we will see what is in-store for me…

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