Morgan Hill Dog Park

Morgan Hill Dog park

Morgan Hill Dog Park
Morgan Hill California
Morgan Hill Dog park

My family decided we wanted to visit a part in Morgan Hill today and so we stopped at the Morgan Hill Central Park. Contained within the spark is the Morgan Hill dog park. So I figured I would give it a review.

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My Sodastream makes dog treats!


My Sodastream makes dog treats!

Every time I use my Sodastream my dog comes running. No Joke,
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Reed St Dog Park Santa Clara

Reed St. Dog Park Santa Clara California

This is a deceivingly large dog park. It is very near the intersection of El Camino Real and Layfayette Street. It is roughly six blocks north at the corner of Layfayette and Reed Streets. I have passed this a few times and said to myself, “I should check out that small dog park sometime”. Now it is one of my favorite places to bring Arya. Read more »

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Watson (dog) park


We have been to this dog park twice now and probably won’t go back… with that said there are a few cool things here and if you live near by it might be a good place to stop. Let me get the reason I won’t go back out of the way so I can review the park with the air clear. There is poor planning for the water at this park. And there is a large mud puddle that Arya loves rolling in. So a trip to the dog park becomes a trip to get her groomed even if I was not planning on it. Read more »

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A Hero Story No More? Yet…

I came across this Youtube video today and it got me thinking.

What Makes A Hero?

I like sharing my “Hero Story”. In my life I have had many hero stories. I believe that life, in general, is a challenge and some have had to face that challenge daily. Living with a disability is a heroic journey and sharing that journey helps others in their journeys. I saw the video on and I was inspired because there is one problem with the hero journey. It is not real. That “Status Quo” is not always upgraded to a new level. Sometimes that “Status Quo” is just making it through. Sometimes you are not ‘upgraded’. Maybe you just survive. And what then? Do you wait for the next journey? Or are you still in a larger Hero Story? Read more »

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The first challenge

no service dogs allowed

It was bound to happen at some point, but I’m surprised at where it did. Recently I was challenged about having a service dog.
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Milpitas Dog Park


The Milpitas Dog Park is the nearest ‘free’ dog park near my house in Milpitas. So this is a go to park for me. I cant say it is Arya’s favorite place to go but it is up there.

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My life as a podcaster

I have been podcasting since 2010 and I just love it. I believe that this type of technology will change how we do things in the future. It is funny because many people I talk to think it is a fad that has passed. But I don’t think so.
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Spiritual but not religious

“I am spiritual but not religious.”
I have heard this so many times from young adults, teens and adults during my time in ministry.
“You are? That’s so wonderful”
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Service Dog Licensing at San Jose Animal Care Center

So Today I went down to the San Jose Animal Care Center to license Arya. She has been doing so well lately and after a discussion with my doctor and my mentor with a service dog I decided it was time to take the next step.
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