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Reed St Dog Park Santa Clara

Posted by on February 25, 2013

Reed St. Dog Park Santa Clara California

This is a deceivingly large dog park. It is very near the intersection of El Camino Real and Layfayette Street. It is roughly six blocks north at the corner of Layfayette and Reed Streets. I have passed this a few times and said to myself, “I should check out that small dog park sometime”. Now it is one of my favorite places to bring Arya.
Clean (No=0,eh=1,yes=3): 3
Safe: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Room to run: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Easy to access: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):1
Water for dogs to drink: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Play equipment/agility: (No=0,yes=2): 0
Big dog/small dog areas: (No=0,yes=2):3
Seating for owners: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Entry to the dog area: (open:0,single gate:1,dual gate:2 dual gate with observation area:3):2
Bonus points: The layout, water for humans outside the park, Clean handicapped size Porta-potty, Ample seating, regular cleaning, stocked waste bags= +5
*All parks have good dogs and bad dogs I do not rate the population. Always be ready for any dog at any park.

Score = 26/25 (104%) unexpected bonuses out weigh any negatives.
Ground: Dirt/grass

I was really not expecting this to be such a nice park. The parking lot is bare dirt and it looks tiny from the streets. But boy does the initial impression fool you. This park goes way back. I was starting to get worried that it might go to far back and be too close to the Rail Road Tracks. But there is ample space and fencing. Also on the other side is busy Layafette St. but it is below the level of this park since it is going under the tracks. Therefore, you do not hear much car noise. The layout of the park is great with a walking path around the outside with benches and trees, and Grassy knolls in the middle but not so high you can not see the whole park. There are Big Dog and Small Dog areas. The only down fall I can see to this park is that the entrance to the Small Dog park is next to the fence to the Large dog park. So when a small dog goes in or out the large dogs come over and ‘say hi’. Normally, barking and some stress to the little dogs and the owners. But once inside the small dog area the small dogs have ample room to run and be far away from the larger dogs. I would have liked to see a full bathroom setup but I was pleased with a very clean Handicapped size porta-potty. Also, there was a water fountain outside the dog park that was very clean for humans. Inside the park there were water spigots with bowls and drainage below. So Arya did play in the bowls, I always have to hover to try to discourage her, but there was ample drainage so no mud puddles. There is seating near by with tables so when I had to sit down and when she would sneak over and play in the water it was close for me to walk over and clean the bowls out for fresh water. The parking lot is also larger than it looks so ample room to park, ample room to run, and well-kept.

Final Judgement

Currently this is my favorite place to bring Arya. Safe, Clean, well-kept, good facilities. All around great Dog Park.

Big Dog Side of the park

Small Dog Side of the park


Park entrance sign


Email list details


Water for the dogs both inside and outside the park. This is from the outside and Arya is inside.


Human water fountain outside the park just to the right of the picture above


Handicapped porta-potty


Big dog entrance


Sign on the entrance gate


Covered seating area near the water for the Large dogs (just off camera to the left)


This is just left of the picture above seating is just to the right of this picture


Small dog entrance. Notice the big dog park in the back ground


Same entrance to the small dog park. the large dog park fence is just out of frame to the right.


Gate to the small dog area. Notice Arya in the shot in the background is in the big dog park.


This is a bonus area for the small dogs. beyond this fence is another fence of 8 to 10 feet tall then the rail road tracks.


This is most of the small dog area.


Ample seating. There are a few of these benches in both sides of the park. This one is in the large dog park but the small dog park is just behind it.


More seating still in the large park… Sorry this is where Arya is.


Don’t come on Thursday!


from the drive way to the park on Reed St back at the light to Layafette St


Reverse shot of the one above this is the entrance. Paved for first few feet to gate then dirt


The parking lot. maybe 20 or so cars can fit in here comfortably and maybe 30 packing it in.