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Spiritual but not religious

Posted by on November 10, 2012

“I am spiritual but not religious.”
I have heard this so many times from young adults, teens and adults during my time in ministry.
“You are? That’s so wonderful”

But really? Are you?
The conversation seems to follow a similar format after that. This format I have also others in ministry also have admitted happens…
Most people end the conversation at this point…  but don’t… you can ask more.  When I have asked more the conversation always seems to go something like this:
Me: “So how do you pray?”
Other: “Oh I really don’t pray, I more meditate”
Me: “Wow that’s cool. What format do you use?”
Other: “Well you know it is a little different each time.”
Me: “Oh yea I totally understand. Well tell me about how you meditated this morning or yesterday”
Other: “Oh, well I haven’t really done it in a while.”
Me: “So when was the last time you were able to?”
Other: “Well honestly it has been a while, maybe a few months.”
Me: “Oh so you have faith because you occasionally think about a god?”
Faith is a daily thing.