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Swimming With St. John Episode 1

Posted by on June 24, 2015

In 2010 to 2011 There was a weekly podcast called “Swimming With St. John”. I was the main host of the show and I have been asked many times where can these recordings be found since we stopped recording in 2011. I have decided to post them one a day starting with the feast of St John. I hope you enjoy them… if you do feel free to comment below, if not, then don’t bother…


This was our first episode.
Sound quality was horrible… but we were just starting… this was recorded in our church. Later we moved to a smaller recording space

Hosting this podcast:
Stanley Horyza
Judith Williams
Althea Corpuz (Alley Cat)


  • Intros
  • Question Of Faith – Why do we have to confess before communion? Does it have to be to a priest?
  • Interview – Fr. Brendan McGuire
  • Finding Faith (Where did we find God this week)
  • Gospel Reading — 22nd Sunday of Ordinary time (Year C) – Luke 14:1 7-4
  • Gospel Discussion
  • Contact info (all of this info is outdated and no longer available)
  • Sign off
  • Song – Robbie Ocampo – For You Make All Things New