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T-0 – Hepatitis C treatment

Posted by on March 5, 2014

So today I started…

I went into the doctors office and they drew 16 vials of blood and did an ECG.


Then they had me do the injection and take three pills of various meds. I am to take 3 pills in the morning and three at night. Basically 12 hours apart. The injection I will do on Tuesdays. All these drugs were today a little after 2pm. I didn’t eat yet so after I went to the cafeteria and had a great sandwich. Sourdough bread, pesto sauce, pickled artichoke, roast beaf and ham. Obviously I made it myself. I did also have a coke. Afterwards I got a nice quick message and stopped off and got a haircut. I figured your muscles are sore when you have the flu and the shot gives those side effects so head that off and there is the possibility of my hair falling out so best get it cut before it does.

So far I have taken my evening meds. I have had this strange smell in my nose like candles but I have not showered yet so could be from today. I have been having like hot flashes or feeling like I have a fever. temp is 97.4 per my ear thermometer. My muscles are a little sore and I am quite tired. I did notice I got slightly irritated easier and a welled up when a friend offered to earnestly help. But that is only the first 13 hours… I will call tomorrow 3/5/14 day one as it will complete my first day…

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