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T-1 – Hep C treatment

Posted by on March 4, 2014

Tomorrow I go in for my initial baseline appointment. I am probably going to have to be a bit vague with details since I am in a clinical trial. But the bottom line is I have had Hepatitis C since I was a child. Now more than thirty years later I am finally going through the treatments to wipe out the virus.
Back then I was diagnosed with Non-A/Non-B. At that time they only knew about Hepatitis A that is transmitted by food and Hepatitis B that is transmitted through blood or other body fluids. However the tests at the time were showing Hepatitis but it was not showing up positive for A or B. Since they could not classify it yet they just called it Non-A/Non-B. Later it was classified as C. How creative is that?

So how did I get here?
Well as you may have read I have Hemophilia. I got it unknowingly through infected medications that I was taking for my hemophilia. Back then they had only recently learned how to get a concentrated part of the blood that my body is missing to stop the bleeding. “Unknowingly” there were other things that were in the mix too. Even after these things like hepatitis C and HIV were known the manufacturers resisted the process to filter these out.

Well long story short (too late!) I got lucky no HIV but hello hep C…

Fast forward to 2013 and I have been hassled for years by my hemotologist to go to a liver specialist. I had resisted some since I did in 2011 and I got a total runaround with the doctor and my insurance. But it had been a few years maybe things had changed… so November 2013 in to the liver clinic I go… and guess what… the doc basically said if I don’t get started soon I need to get on a recipient list for a new liver. So that lit a fire… so I said let’s go… so we set a start date of December 20th. I took time off… and… got the run around… some where around January 15th the drugs finally got “approved” but with a $5,000 co-pay each for two of the three drugs. Yes math is $10,000… however I was able to get a break of $4,995. So my co-pay is more a measly $5,005. I have that right here in my pocket… or did I put it in my sock? So the doctor had heard about a clinical trial for my situation. And it looks like I have finally been approved. So I will go in for my baseline appointment today 3/4/14 nearly four months later and we will see what is in-store for me…