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Watson (dog) park

Posted by on January 5, 2013


We have been to this dog park twice now and probably won’t go back… with that said there are a few cool things here and if you live near by it might be a good place to stop. Let me get the reason I won’t go back out of the way so I can review the park with the air clear. There is poor planning for the water at this park. And there is a large mud puddle that Arya loves rolling in. So a trip to the dog park becomes a trip to get her groomed even if I was not planning on it.

The puddle is the end result of some poor planning and some well intentioned park goers. It starts with a very nice seating area. Near the seating area the park planners put a water fountain for the people. The dog fountain (more of a water spigot and a donated salad bowl) is located across the park about150 feet from the seating area. So people let their dogs jump up and drink from the human drinking fountain (I would never drink from a fountain in a dog park). They have also brought buckets and bowls to fill with water at this fountain area. Now the problem gets worse that there is no drain near the fountain. So all excess water flows to the grass area. This being a popular park a lot of water is used and some dogs (like Arya for some reason) like to play in the water. So this run off does not drain and has created a mud pit about 15 feet by 10 feet. With standing water 2-3 inches deep on the days of my visits. Now, as I have said Arya likes water… and she does not seam to know the difference between water and mud. So I arrive with a beautiful clean dog. And have to leave with a soaked muddy mess. So that is why this par will be a pass for me… but I did not get much time to inspect the small dog side to see if they have a similar issue… so there is hope over there, maybe.

Clean (No=0,eh=1,yes=3): 1
Safe: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Room to run: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Easy to access: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):1
Water for dogs to drink: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):1
Play equipment/agility: (No=0,yes=2): 0
Big dog/small dog areas: (No=0,yes=2):2
Seating for owners: (No=0,eh=1,yes=3):3
Entry to the dog area: (open:0,single gate:1,dual gate:2 dual gate with observation area:3):2
Bonus points: Mud is a major issue -2
*All parks have good dogs and bad dogs I do not rate the population. Always be ready for any dog at any park.

Score = 14/25 (56%)
Ground: Grass/Dirt


This park is accessible from a few directions but none of them near the freeway or even all that clearly marked. So read my directions section to get here. The park itself is quite large so there is ample room to run. There are no trees in the park but there are some covered areas but I could see this park getting very warm on hot sunny days. There are the now mostly standard big dog and small dog sides.

image image

imageBoth share a center entrance and they also have side entrances for each. All entrances have a double gate system. One unique feature of this park is that the gates have magnets on the gates so they are not easy to push open.


Being handicapped this is a little annoying but also is a nice comfort that you know the gate will stay closed when it swings closed.


There is natural grass in the park but it is more like tufts of grass and patches of dirt. Not the best grass I have seen. There is ample seating through the park.


There is a covered seating area too. imageBoth times I have been here there have been many dogs 15 – 20 at least running around. It does seem the owners are lax on cleaning up after their dogs at this park. There are not many garbage cans and I did not see any rakes or shovels. There were bag dispensers but they were empty both times I have been there. There is water at the park but as I have said above it is not well planned. Here are pictures of the water fountain near the seating area pictured on the right. And a picture of Arya just after her first sit in the mud.


Across the park there is a spigot for water for the dogs. It is a walk from the covered area so I took on picture where you can see the seating area in the background.


Here are some other pictures around the park.



Take 101 to Oakland Rd. and go South.
Turn left either at E Taylor St or at Jackson St.
On Taylor St it will be the 10 right. Just before you go over the bride crossing 101.
On Jackson Just continue straight into the park.
The Dog parks are by the back of the park near the freeway. Hard to miss just drive to the back.



Final Judgement

This is a good park if you live close by and don’t want to go far. For me it is not worth the drive. If you have a small dog or a dog that does not like playing in the mud you will probably do well visiting this park. My score is near 50% so that to me is a take it or leave it kind of place. I will not go out of my way to go here again unless I hear that improvements are made. I would rather go to other parks in the area. For the age of this park I am actually disappointed since this is a fairly newly renovated park.

Watson Dog Park